9 iPhone Hacks To Free Up Space In Your iPhone


Are you getting message “Storage Almost Full” on your new iPhone? Storage issue in iPhone can be really frustrating for users as most of the space is used by iOS. If you are getting a warning that you are low on memory in your iPhone, its time to clear out some space.

Let us go through some iPhone hacks which will free up space in your iPhone.

Storage Almost Full iPhone

9 iPhone Hacks To Free Up Space In Your iPhone 

1. Find Apps Which Are Taking Too Much Space

Check the apps which are using too much of memory space in your iPhone. To do so go to the Settings >> General >> Storage. 

Find the apps which are taking more space and delete the apps which are unused.

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2. Delete Texts

Delete texts regularly on your iPhone to free up space, unless you are emotional. Keeping those thousands of text messages which you will not need in future is of no use.

You can set automatic deletion of messages after 30 days.

Launch the Settings app >> Tap on Messages >> Go to Message History Section >> Keep Messages >> Tap on 30 days >> Confirm to delete.


3. Delete Safari History

Your browser history can take a lot of memory space. Launch the Settings >> Safari >> and tap on Clear Cookies.

Remember that once you clear the cache you will have to sign back to the sites which you visit frequently.


4. Remove Songs Which You Don’t Listen To 

No need to carry hundreds of songs on your iPhone. Keep the songs which you like to listen to frequently on your iPhone and delete the rest. Use music streaming service like Spotify or  Apple Music on your iPhone to save memory space.


5. Avoid duplicates When Using HDR

If you enjoy photography and using HDR mode to take better images then your iPhone also captures the normal image also along with the HDR of the same object. Go to Settings >> Photos & Camera and deselect Keep Normal Photo to avoid duplicate images.


6. Delete Old Voicemails

Voicemails also take up phone storage just as text messages. Save the voicemails which are important for you and delete those useless voicemails.


7. Don’t Save Your Instagrams Automatically

Duplicate Instagram takes up space on your iPhone. It is better  to turn off the “Save Original Photo” option which duplicates Instagrams. Head over to your settings and toggle off the “Save Original Photo”.


8. Delete Played Podcasts 

No need to keep the Podcasts which you have already  listened to. To only keep those podcasts which you have not listened yet. Launch the Podcasts app and go to Settings >> Episodes to keep >> All unplayed.


9.Back up Your Photos And Documents

To easily save space on your iPhone connect your phone via USB cable to your computer and move your photos to your desktop. Once you have moved your photos and documents to the computer delete them from your phone.


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