Easy Ways to Deal with Common iPhone Issues


Carrying an iPhone is definitely one of the coolest things; however carrying a faulty iPhone is not at all cool. In fact that is very frustrating. In this article we will discuss various common iPhone problems and also the ways to deal with them. IPhones are certainly one of the most improved and complete gadgets of today’s world. However, with advancement in technology come more problems. There have been various instances by individuals who report various problems of their iPhones. Listed below are some of the most common iPhone issues and how would you get rid of that.

• Phone hangs or freezes – This is one of the most reported complaints about iPhones. In case your freezes too often or too much which is out of your comfort level then try the following. Pres and hold the home button for over 5 to 10 seconds. Once the phone restarts again then you should go to summary and press the summary button and restore the phone to its factory settings, that it\s with the original settings with which it was shipped.

• Phone not switching on – An iPhone not switching on is another big time issue. Here’s what you need to do. Put the phone on charge and switch it on. It might take a while to show the home screen. If it still doesn’t work it would be wise to get professional help.

• Faulty camera –
A faulty cameras is something that many iPhone users face. Here’s something you should try to do. Choose settings, then go to general, select restrictions and ensure that allow camera option is on. If it is already o, then tap it off and turn it on once again. If that doesn’t work, take a back up of your data and select factory settings option and restore it. If the phone still doesn’t work, there might be some hardware issues with the phone. In that case you will need to consult professional service.

• SIM detection failed – If you find that your iPhone is not detecting the SIM card, the take out the SIM from the slot and put it once again after wiping it with clean cloth. If that does not work, the problem might be arising from the SIM slot. In such a case you should try to get the help of professionals in detecting the fault.

• Poor or slow performance –
Poor pr slow performance is another issue that many iPhone users are bugged with. When this happens try rebooting it. Make sure that it reboots properly. Once it restarts, empty the cache by going to safari. Clearing the cache from time to time will certainly improve the performance of your phone to a certain extent.

These are some of the common issues with iPhone. In case you cannot fix your phone on your phone, do not keep on applying your own techniques. Instead find a god technician and get it fixed by them. That would help your phone to function in the best and efficient way.

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