iPhone Wooden Cases – Kickstarter Compaign by We Wear Wood


Technology is an essential part of our lives. Our gadgets are sleek and modern for a reason. They are cool, make us stand out, tell others who we are and even define us. We feel naked when we forget or lose them. Things have changed though. You once had the newest high tech gadget. But now, your iPhone, iPad, and MacBook blends in with everyone else’s. Step into a coffee shop or walk around campus and what stands out? – nothing! It’s a sea of the same tech. Enter We Wear Wood. We set out to make a unique, eye-catching product that gets noticed above the gigantic pool of plastic cases that are currently the only option to personalize your tech.


Take a look around the room or place you are now. Chances are there is something around you that is made of wood. Because of its natural beauty, wood has always been used as an ageless, noble, natural material for crafting man’s most prized possessions. No other material is as deeply embedded in the history and culture of civilization…as wood.

Knowing this, they thought , why are our gadgets missing out on this opportunity for unique, personalized craftsmanship? Tech is new. Wood is timeless. It was time to hit the whiteboard and create something that brings together low-tech beauty with high-tech power.


After researching, they took many measurements and brainstormed dozens of different designs. After experimenting with a variety of woods, visiting multiple laser engraving shops, and testing different adhesives to find the perfect stick, they finally had a line of working products. We Wear Wood products protect your gadgets, satisfy the creativeness that you crave, and match your personality.

We Wear Wood offers bamboo iPhone cases with multiple, custom laser-engraved designs for the iPhone 5 and 5S. They also create MacBook and iPad covers out of red oak that stick onto the back to give your product a personalized look and style. The MacBook and iPad covers have precisely measured cutouts that take advantage of the Apple logo (and illumination on MacBooks) on the back for an even more unique look.

The Kickstarter compaign is live now – We Wear Wood – Wood Meets High-Tech

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