8 Best iPod Apps For Web Developers


iPod from Apple has turned to be a very trendy device amongst the folks in the last few years and provided that every time a brand new version of iPod device is introduced it turns to be more improved and folks have appreciated it even more since then on account of the astounding and incredible features and applications that it has to present. There are countless apps in the application store of this device and each app is measured to be very effective in some way or the other to a variety of iPod users.

These applications are not only effective to those users who are working and require assistance in the even performance or even to resolve some business objective but those users who are music enthusiasts and love to play a variety of games the app store is stuffed with wonderful games and a variety of other mind-boggling applications ranging from the free to very moderately priced for users who are utterly interested in writing blog posts or are habitual writers there is a very functional app that can assist them manage their blogging website anytime they desire and wherever they desire.

Aside from that if you require to make instantaneous payment you can also utilize this miraculous app named PayPal and this will very effortlessly make payment procedures. Therefore there are several other such apps associated to a variety of different fields. Today we come up with some of the most excellent iPod apps that assist web developers to make development swift, easy and fun.

1) File Manager
File Manager Application is a FREE of cost virtual USB drive and file manager program for the Apple iPod and Apple iPad device. With the help of the app you can view images, videos, audio, ZIP files, Word documents, PDF documents, Excel documents and many more on your iPod device without any difficulty.

2) Dropbox

Dropbox for iPod is a free service which allows you to gather all your photos, documents, and videos anywhere. Any file that you save to the Dropbox application is reachable from all of your computer systems, iPod device, iPad device and even from the Dropbox website.

3) Analytics App
Analytics App is the best application for the Google Analytics that you’ve been waiting for! At last you can get your hands on all of your reports and data along with the Analytics App for the iPod Touch and iPhone. Whether you’re on the go or busy in a meeting or anywhere else the Analytics App provides you with fast and effortless access to all of your analytics data.

4) FTP on the Go

FTP for iPod and iPod Touch is a very powerful application. With the FTP On The Go application, you can easily fix your website, and view the files on your FTP server, from anyplace. It allows you to log on to your server securely from anywhere.

5) Paypal

The PayPal iPod app hypothetically allows you pay for products and services at the local shops, short physical wallet, but a very few retailers take the PayPal mobile to make it useful. It’s very good for handing over cash amongst friends, for this moment. PayPal’s iPod app does offer all the advantages of the PayPal Purchase Protection, the company’s virtually iron-clad assurance that you will either get the products and services you purchased, or you’ll get your cash back. The PayPal for iPod service also inserts an extra layer of security between the vendor and your credit card, further assisting to keep your credit card digits secret.

6) Web Developer Bible
The very title of this application says it all, versatile reference for all the web developers. It also contains RGB to HEX color convertor, so no requirement to google or search for color converters in your system.

7) Web Source Viewer

A very simple application it is – only displays web source such as HTML by inserting URL you need to see. This app is specially meant for web developers.

8) MySql ODBC

With the MySQL ODBC app you can ultimately handle the MySQL servers anywhere, any time. This program is intended to offer all functionalities which you can have right in your computer.

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