Legal Torrenting: Top 7 Sites for Finding Free Legal Content


Downloading free stuff from the Internet – what could go wrong? Maybe a multi-million dollar lawsuit? Torrenting is hot right now. OK, that’s an understatement. It’s been popular for a while now, and while there are fewer bad apple tracker sites and P2p applications out there, there are still some tracker sites that provide unrestricted access to copyright-infringing material – illegal material even. Yikes! How do you protect yourself? By sticking with the known safe sites.

The Internet archive is home to lots and lots of torrents – over 1 million to be exact. It’s got everything from ebooks to music, and even videos. There are over a million ebooks alone, and several hundred thousand music files and videos.

Everything here is thought to be legal and to not infringe upon copyright, and all content is seeded by The Archive. That means you can leech all you want with no worries.


BitLove is unique in that it creates torrent files for RSS feeds of various podcasts. It also helps to seed them, which is nice. Many of the current podcasts that are available are in German – good if you’re trying to learn German, or you long for the motherland. But, there are also a few casts in English too.

Vuze, located at, is a torrent client provider, previously known as Azureus. Unlike many other sites, this company actively educates users about downloading files that are licensed under the Creative Commons, that are user-generated, in the public domain and not copyright-protected, or where the copyright holders have authorized free distribution. More information on sourcing creative commons and open source materials can be found on their website.


eTree is a community for sharing live concerts of Trade-Friendly artists. The collection is smooth and large, like a cuban cigar. There’s also good variation in genres with a mix of old and new stuff.


Frostclick boasts an impressive collection of free music, games, and movies, as well as software and shows that are all licensed under the Creative Commons. Yep, movies that are under the Creative Commons, so you can download and share them to your heart’s content. No LEO ? will come banging on your door.

This private site is a playground for artists that release their stuff under the Creative Commons umbrella. You can probably find some pretty interesting indie stuff here if you dig. The collection here is massive, but not everything is going to be worthy of a music award. As with any startup musician or indie artist, YMMV ? . Still, you won’t develop an unhealthy relationship with the police, or any record label, by downloading here.


With a name like SuprNova, you’d think that this site would have an epic amount of content. In truth, there are just 4 shows on this site that you can download. So, why go here? For the sex, of course. No, you won’t find porn here, but you will find an excellent sex education series. You’ll also find The Infographic Show, 1,000 Things I Hate, and F!@# My Life. It’s a bit edgy all around, but entertaining if you like those sorts of shows.

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