How to Log Out of the Facebook Messenger App on Android


Facebook is the largest social networking site with millions of active users. If you are a Facebook addict and use Facebook Messenger to send and receive messages through Facebook using Android, you must not be happy. If you installed Facebook Messenger and logged in, there is no way to log out.

Facebook has made recently made mandatory for users to use standalone-app, Facebook messenger to send and receive messages. However, I don’t think that a separate app for sending and receive messages on Facebook was required.

Facebook Messenger does not has a log out option like there is on Facebook. However, there is a way to log out of Facebook Messenger app.

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How to Log out of the Facebook Messenger App

1. At first go to the recent apps on your Android device and clear the Facebook messenger app.

2. Open your Android Settings and go to Applications.

3. Scroll down in the “Downloaded” list on the “Apps” screen and tap on “Messenger” app.

log out of facebook messenger

4. Now, on the “App info” screen, tap “Clear data”.

clear app data

5. A dialogue box asking for your confirmation will pop-up, click “OK”.

confirm delete app data

6. You have now successfully logged out of your Facebook Messenger on your Android Device. You can log into the Facebook messenger app using the same or another account.

log out of facebook messenger.1

Do you use Facebook Messenger app on Android?

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