Love Gun a Shooting Puzzle Game for iPhone – Valentine Special Game


Love Gun is a new upcoming Valentine’s Day special shooting puzzle game in which you fire bullets into the air and play strategically to let them bounce into two potential partners to make them fall in love. It has high quality anime-style graphics and an unique story.

The game revolves around the hero of the story who takes the Love Gun from purgatory keeper Charon. He is required to match souls and send them to heaven. The story is revealed as the game progresses. The game is played in more 40 addictive levels and will have to pass the story levels with three stars to reveal the story.

Love Gun iPhone

Love Gun iPhone.1


-Play through 40+ addictive levels in Heaven, Purgatory and Hell!
– Aim and fire your bullets, plan your trajectory and match two souls!
– Collect story pieces and regain your memory!
– Anime-style fun in unknown worlds!
– Universal game for iPhone and iPad

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The developer will be launching the game at Feb 14, 2014 on Valentine’s Day. The developer is going to create a page and add the names of customers who will gift Love gun to his or her Valentine on that page.

Love Gun Game for iPhone will be released at Feb 14, 2014. Stay Tuned!

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