How To Secure iPhone After Jailbreak


Most of iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users tend to jailbreak their device. No doubt jailbreaking iOS devices enables users to take full control of your device . You can install apps and tweaks which are not authorized by Apple. Jailbreak is legal but it voids warranty of your device. One of the main drawback of iOS Jailbreak is that it compromises security protections built by Apple into iOS.

A jailbroken iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch is vulnerable to hackers. All iPhones have same default root password ‘alpine’ which is known by everyone. Hence, if you don’t change root password of your iPhone then anyone can hack into your device.


Read on, how to change root password of your iPhone assuming that you have installed SSH on your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

If you are unaware, SSH,lets you to connect your jailbroken iPhone to your computer and install apps and games not find in App Store.

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How to secure iPhone after Jailbreak

1. Tap on Cydia icon on your device to install “Mobile Terminal” app.

2. Now, Tap on the ‘Mobile Terminal’ icon on your iPhone to launch it.

3. When Mobile Terminal is launched type the following command: passwd

4. You will be now asked old password of your iPhone which is ‘alpine’. Enter your old password and when prompted add new password which should be strong.


Is your jailbroken iPhone secure?

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