Mobile Apps Does your Blog Needs One? Mines Does


Smart Phones are slowly taking over from Desktop computers and although there is no scientific prove or have I seen any survey to support this at the time of writing this post you will surely agree with me. Everything goes mobile now, so why shouldn’t you? With the trend in smart phones and gadgets especially the iPhone and the Samsung Galaxy S3 that allow you to connect to the internet on the move I see no reason not to go mobile. As a matter of fact this is the reason why you should go mobile.

Creating mobile app for your blog to make your online business profitable is not a daunting task these days. A mobile app is different from a mobile website, to use a mobile app you will have to download and install on your smartphone whereas a mobile website is designed to work for various smartphones.

Very recently I have develop my own Apps for my website lawmacs web design blog yes you read it right there is an Android App for my website which you can click on the previous link and download it upload to your Android device and start using it. Android is a fast growing operation system and it is running lots of mobile devices including Htc. Why do I need an App you make asked? Better yet why shouldn’t you need one? The simple answer is that we are living in a technological age where everything is done on computer on the go.

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In today’s tech savvy world people uses there smart phones for everything from finding direction to lodging a check even dumping their love ones. Ever try to view some websites on your mobile phones and you have to be scrolling to the right and back to read the content? Kind of frustrating isn’t it well that is the reason why I decided to get my own App and soon I will create one for the IPhone too. Here is the download link you can get the App try it on let me know. Read more about the App and download Here.


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