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The first thing which we like to do in morning is to go through our favorite websites.Most of us have a bunch of websites which we usually go through everyday.

As a blogger i check to my blog first then check my mails in gmail,yahoo followed by Facebook, Google analytics reports and my Adsense reports( not in order).

Opening all the websites one by one is a tedious task but now with the help of a firefox ad- on Morning Coffee your task for sure will get simplified.Morning coffee opens your favorite websites in separate tabs.

You can find Morning Coffee as an icon in the left side of your FireFox address bar( see the pic below).

You can configure Morning Coffee as it has lots of options like Every day and you can also select individual days of the week.You also get an option of opening Morning Coffee as your Home page.Its upto you to decide how you want to configure as you can add websites and as well as delete them.

Download Morning Coffee.


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