Find Your Parked Car Using iOS 10 Maps App On iPhone


Apple Maps App in iOS 10 has seen quite a bit of improvement and one notable feature is the ability to automatically find your parked car.

You no longer need to remember where you have parked your car, Maps App in iOS 10 will do that for you. The place you park your car should not be your Home location and make sure that your car has Apple’s CarPlay or is connected to your iPhone via Bluetooth.

find parked car in ios 10 maps apps

Find Your Parked Car Using iOS 10 Maps App 

First, you will have to turn on Show Parked Location from Settings App in iPhone, iPad.

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Go to Settings App on iPhone.

Now, navigate down and tap on Maps.


Toggle to turn On Show Parked Location.


To Find Parked Car

Your iPhone will mark the place ( a blue pin) where you have parked the car once you launch Maps App.

Now, tap on the pin to get a detailed information on your parked car.

You also have the option to add text notes or capture a photo to remember the place you have parked your car.


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