How To Play Windows Games On Linux Easily


Linux is Open-source platform and if you want to play Windows games on Linux then you can try the below mentioned options.

Ways to play Windows Games on Linux

1. StreamMyGame: StreamMyGame enables you to play Windows games on Linux by streaming games from one computer to another. To play the game you will be required to register. Registration is free. After registering yourself you can broadcast their game or share with other members through broadband connection without actually installing the game.

The tool comes with Standard, Premium and Unlimited versions. Standard version which is free, enables you to record game to video file having maximum resolution 1024×768. A Premium version lets you to record game to video file having maximum resolution 1280×720 HDTV and it will cost you $9.99 yearly.

The StreamMyGame is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, PS3 and Linux.

Go ahead and enjoy playing your favorite Windows game on Linux.

Windows games on Linux

2. PlayOnLinux: PlayOnLinux lets you to play Windows games on Linux for free. The script of is based on Wine code. It is Open -Source and uses Bash and Python. Installing PlayOnLinux depends on the distribution package, Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian or Frugalware. You will find the complete guide for installation and usage. The software has few bugs such as decrease in performance sometimes and lacks support for few games. However, you can enjoy playing World of Warcraft and much more.

3. CrossOver: CrossOver lets you to install Windows games on your Linux PS or Mac OS X. You will have to just click and install games easily. Users can play popular Windows games such as World of Warcraft, StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty and Star Trek Online. CrossOver for Linux is priced at $59.95 USD yearly. You can also download trial version.

4. Wine: Wine is Open-Source Program which lets you to run Windows games on Linux. The latest stable version is Wine 1.4.1. Wine Application Database (AppDB) provides information on Games which are compatible with Wine. Final Fantasy XI Online is being voted as top Game and there are 19399 Games currently in database.

Have you played Windows games on Linux ?


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