Prepare Apple Watch For Sale: Unpair, Erase Contents And More


Apple Watch was released on April 24 last year, if you are someone whose excitement of using the latest gadget by Apple has come to an end, you can sell your Apple Watch. Before you go ahead to sell your Apple Watch locally, on Craigslist or on eBay here’s few things which you need to do.

To prepare Apple Watch for sale you will have to unpair Apple Watch with iPhone, erase contents and debit or credit card information.

prepare apple watch for sale


How To Prepare Apple Watch For Sale 

Erase Content From Apple Watch

Launch Settings on the Home screen on Apple Watch.

Navigate to General >> Reset.

Tap the Erase All Content and Settings option. Type Passcode to confirm erase if asked.

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Unpair Apple Watch from your iPhone using the Apple Watch app

Launch the Apple Watch app on iPhone.

Tap on Apple Watch, present under My Watch tab.

Tap on Unpair Apple Watch and confirm.

Type Passcode if prompted.

From iCloud Without Using iPhone

to

Go to Settings >> My Devices

Select Apple Watch and Remove Apple Watch from the list of devices.

You can pair Apple Watch with iPhone again.

Sell apple watch

Sell Apple Watch On eBay

sell apple watch ebay

You can try to sell Apple Watch to your friends locally or try to sell Apple Watch online on eBay or Swappa.

Are you happy with your Apple Watch? If not, where have you tried to sell your Apple Watch?






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