7 Useful Websites To Pronounce Names Correctly


Don’t know how to pronounce names correctly while dealing with people who are from a different country? At times you might come across names which are difficult to pronounce correctly, listed below are the websites which will help you to pronounce names correctly. Perhaps, you would like to go through best VOIP and video calling apps for Android to stay connected with your loved ones while on go.

These Websites Will Help You To Pronounce Names Correctly

pronounce names correctly

1. Hear Names:

Hear Names lets you to hear the correct pronunciation of names which are difficult for you to pronounce. You will be required to type the name in the search box at the home page and then press Enter to hear. You can easily search names by going through categories. The website has support for many popular languages. If you want to “Request a Name”, click on “Request a Name” option in Menu, fill in the form to submit. Your listing will appear once it is being approved by the administrator.


2. Howjsay:

Howjsay is a pronunciation dictionary which enables you to hear any English word by typing in the search box. You will have to type

Howjsay is a pronunciation dictionary which enables you to hear any English word by typing in the search box. You will have to type a word in lower case and when appears in pink, hover your mouse to hear the pronunciation. The site has a huge database of 163106 entries. Android and iPhone app are also available for Howjsay.


3. Pronounce Names:

Pronounce Names is similar to Hear Names, browse for names to pronounce, request pronunciation of a name which you could not find in the dictionary and submit pronunciation. Android app for the website is also available for a download.


4. Inogolo:

Ingolo not only helps you to pronounce names correctly but also places and other things. You can browse through the names by tags or alphabets to pronounce while searching for names you will be provided results in both phonetic and audio. The site also has a guide which will be useful for you while looking for pronunciation.


5. The Name Engine:

The Name Engine provides you with correct name pronunciations of leading personalities such as athletes, entertainers, politicians and so on. The website provides “Americanized” version of the names which you want to pronounce. Search from categories such as Golf, Tennis, NFL or use the search box to find the pronunciation of your favorite personality.


6. Forvo:

Forvo is one of the largest pronunciation guides, you can ask for a pronunciation of any word from a user of the site and get your word pronounced correctly. You can also help with pronunciation of words for other users. The site has support for various languages and categories to browse. To use Forvo, you will be required to sign up.


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7. Pronounce It Right:

Pronounce It Right is quite similar to The Name Engine where you can find correct pronunciation to most difficult names of writers, poets, philosophers and musicians names from all over the world. Just enter the name and listen to the pronunciation. Android and iPhone app are also available for a download.


Have you tried any of the above websites to pronounce names correctly?

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