3 Ways To Read Your Favorite Website Offline


Do you wish to read your favorite websites content even while still staying offline? These days its hard to imagine our lives without internet connection, however, there may be lack of internet connection while traveling which will make you unable to to check your favorite website, blog or sports news update.

There are few ways which will let you to read your favorite websites content offline , without any internet connection. Find below few ways to surf websites offline.

1. Readability: Readability is a nice application which is available a Chrome Extension. It is also available as a native app for Android and iOS.


To use Readability you will have to first create an Account by going to Readability website and then go to the Apps page to download the Chrome Extension or app for iOS/Android devices. Readability saves your webpages and syncs them to your mobile device for later reading while offline.

2. My Klips: My Klips is another Chrome extension letting you to access saved content from your smartphones or tablet after saving the files to cloud. One of the important thing about this Chrome extension is that it removes all ads or junk content from your webpage so that you are able to get only the relevant content.

To use My Klips you will be required to go to Read It Chrome Extension page and click on install. Once you are done with installation, you will see an icon “Klip Me” on the right corner of your browser. To save a webpage you will have to just click on “Klip Me” and you will see a page with only relevant content, without ads. Click on the save button.


If you want to access your saved webpages simply click on “My Klips” button.

With My Klips you can save only a webpage not the whole website.

If you are an Android user, you can download Klip Me app from the Google Play. You will be able to save webpages on your device to access them offline later.

Klip Me

3. Pocket: Pocket formerly Read It Later is a cool application founded in 2007 which lets you to save webpages, videos and more on phone, tablet or computer to access later offline.


The best part is that Pocket is integrated into Flipboard, Twitter and other app and is available for iPad, iPhone, Android, Mac, Kindle Fire, Kobo, Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera and Windows.

With these tools you can easily save webpages for reading later while traveling with no internet connection.


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