Monitor Real Time Data Usage On Android Using Internet Speed Meter Lite App

You purchased a new Android smartphone and started installing your favorite apps and games. The apps and games which you have installed may end up hogging data. Everyone is not lucky to have an unlimited data plan, however, users having limited data plan can monitor the data usage on Android in real time to find data hogging apps.

If you are on a limited data plan and finding ways to conserve data there is an app for that! Google Play has various apps which lets you to monitor data usage on Android in real time by developer DynamicApps.

Internet Speed Meter Lite

Monitoring data usage on Android can be a daunting task. Internet Speed Meter Lite is an Android app that shows you data usage in real time so that you can see can see which apps are culprits.

Monitor Real Time Data Usage On Android Using Internet Speed Meter Lite App

The Internet Speed Meter Lite is battery efficient and shows data usage in notification panel, it shows you data usage separately for Mobile and WiFi network. Have you tried Lock Screen Replacement Apps For Android ?

Steps To Use Internet Speed Meter Lite App

At first you will have to head over to the Google Play and install Internet Speed Meter Lite on your Android.

Once you have installed the app, launch the app on Android.

You will be now able to see real time data and speed on your device.

Android data usage

The app also lets you to see data usage monthly on day to day basis.

Android data usage real time

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