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With the increasing technology more and more new mobile phones are introduced to the market.We obviously go for new handsets and discard the old ones by throwing it or simply putting it in our drawer.

Have you thought that you can go for mobile recycling which will not only make environment clean but you can also earn money ? There are many mobile phone recycling companies to choose from.

How does Mobile phone recycling works ?

1. In the first step you will have to search for the model of your mobile phone by typing in the search box provided.

2. Now,you will be displayed the best price offered by various mobile phone buying companies.Choose the offer which suits you and then click ‘Recycle Now’ and follow the instructions to complete the order.

3. You will now have to follow the instructions of the mobile recycle company to send your old mobile.

4. Once the company receives your old mobile phone you will get your cash.

While opting phone recycling for cash the users don’t need to send accessories like phone manual,the original box and phone charger to the recycling company.You only need to send mobile handset and its battery.

Mobile recycling company won’t accept those mobile handsets which has been barred or reported stolen.

Payment options by mobile phone recycling company is through check, bank transfer PayPal,postal order and shopping vouchers.The old mobile handsets are sent to countries like China,Africa and India or are refurbished and resold in UK.Freepost service is offered by phone buyers and hence users don’t need to pay for it.

You can also sell broken or non-working phone only by going through terms and conditions of the buyer.

There is no limit on how many phones you want to recycle.


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