How To Control PC From iPad Remotely


iPad (iPad2/iPad1) is a revolutionary gadget.If you have iPad no need to carry your laptop with you as you can remote control PC from iPad.

There are many Apps available in App Store which will enable you to control your PC from iPad.

Control PC from iPad

1. LogMeIn: The folks at LogMeIn have released a free version to remotely control computer from iPad through a Web Browser.You can also grab the Pro version of the app at $39.99.

After installing the app you can remotely control PC from iPad , can edit files which are in computer, run applications on your computer, fix computer problems related to your business right from iPad.You can upgrade to Pro version of the app and enjoy features which include File Manager for transferring documents across computers and saving in your device, High Definition video and sound streaming from PC or any other device.

2. Wyse PocketCloud Pro : Wyse PocketCloud Pro is priced at $14.99 which comes with improved gesture and extended keyboard handling.

The app is optimized for iPad and easy to install for both novice and advanced users.Download and install the app on your iPhone and follow the instructions to set -up using Gmail Account.

It has support for VNC and and VMware Viewer.Access your files and pictures and build your personal Cloud and works great on 3G.

3. GoToMyPC: GoToMyPC is a free app which enables you to remotely control computer from your iPad having multi-monitor support and works fine over 3G and Wi-Fi.

To remotely control PC or Mac from iPad simply download the app from the App Store and tap the app from iPad to access your computer.However, to use the app you need to be subscribed to GoToMyPC.

The app has multitasking feature and works fine with existing firewalls.It is secure to use as it asks different passwords for host device and that of your iPad and there is round the clock customer support.

4. Jump Desktop : Jump Desktop works with both RDP and VNC and has better UI.

To use the app download it on your PC or Mac and set-up by following instructions using your Gmail Account.If you have RDP configured than just enter hostname or IP Address to connect.

It supports Multiple gestures, has full mouse support,multiple monitor support, AirPrint support to print Wifi printer and is optimized for iPad2 users to enhance their remote desktop experience.

The app can be downloaded from App Store for $14.99.

5. iTap mobile RDP: With iTap mobile RDP you can manage your computer from iPad from anywhere in fast and secure way with feature of bandwidth reduction automatically on 3G.

The app has support for TS Gateway, Leostream Connection Broke,bluetooth keyboards.

You are in full control of our desktop from your iPad without using extra buttons and bars on your screen with gesture support,full control of your desktop mouse and has built in keyboard features.

The app has Network Level Authentication and can automatically reconnect to existing session without storing password on your iPad.

Priced at $11.99 the app can be used for both business and home use.

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Have you tried to control PC from iPad? Do share your views!


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