Rogue Heroes for Android: 2D Roguelike Action Platformer with RPG elements


Rogue Heroes is the latest fast-paced 2D action-platforming roguelike game with RPG elements released by Indie Game developer, Peter Shoferistov.

Go through the trailer of Rogue Heroes

Features of Rogue Heroes for Android

– explore the depth of procedurally generated levels
– upgrade your hero
– level up and collect equipment with unique set bonuses
– complete quests
– discover secrets
– fight against dangerous bosses and enemies
– progress through different locations with deadly traps and obstacles
– earn achievements

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Gameplay video of Rogue Heroes:

The game is now available for a download from Google Play for less than $1.

The developer will be releasing new zones, traps, bosses and enemies in June.


rogue_heroes (1)




Google Play link to download the game for 99 cents.

Download Rogue Heroes


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