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Mac uses Intel Processors hence it is easy to run Windows Programs on Mac.When we shift from Windows platform to Mac we may want to run some Windows applications on Mac.

In this article we will deal with few softwares which will enable you to run Windows Programs on Mac.

Softwares to run Windows Applications/Programs on Mac

1. CrossOver: CrossOver lets you to install certain Windows applications in your Mac.To use Crossover you don’t require Windows OS.You also have the option to check that the Windows Program which you want to install is supported by CrossOver or not.

CrossOver is easy to use and you can install Windows softwares fast in just a single click.To add new Windows applications or softwares place install CD in Mac and CrossOver will recognize it and begin the installation process.

It is good if you want to run 1 or 2 Windows applications and system requirement is Mac OS X Leopard (10.5.x) or later with 120 MB of free disk space.

Watch video on CrossOver Impersonator:

2. Parallel Desktop: Parallels Desktop is popular software which enables you to run both Windows and Mac Programs simultaneously with better speed and control.

To use the software in your Mac you will have to download it and then enter the key to start using it.

You can drag and drop documents, music and photos between Windows and Mac applications and can also launch your favorite Windows programs from your Mac.The software is available for $79.99.

3. Virtual Box: Virtual Box is an open source powerful x86 and AMD64/Intel64 product which you can also be used for home purpose. Requirement to run this software is Intel, Mac OS X 10.4 or later.

You can run both Windows and Mac Programs simultaneously.Virtual Box releases frequent updates on softwares hence better performance and improvements.

4. Winebottler: Winebottler is easy to use free software to run Windows applications on Mac based on Wine.To use the software you will have to download the application it contains two applications Wine and WineBottler then drag and drop it into Winebottler application folder. The software works on “prefixes” and it will make Windows applications run on Mac as a native one.

To know more about Winebottler watch the video below

Have you tried to run Windows applications on Mac ?

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