How to Save Battery Life on iOS 8 Devices


Have you recently got hands on Apple’s latest iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus or having other iOS device running on iOS 8 and experiencing battery drainage issues? Apple released iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus with improved battery life, however, many users have complained of battery drain issue. In this article you will be going through ultimate tips to save battery life on iOS 8 devices.

How to Save Battery Life on iOS 8 Devices

1. Check Battery Usage: With iOS 8 and above updates you can easily find apps that are consuming your battery life.

Go to Settings >> General >> Usage >> Battery Usage


Now, you will be able to see which apps are using the most battery life in the last 24 hours or for last 7 days.

Find apps which are draining battery and take the required step.

2. Adjust Brightness: The iPhone and iPad have light sensors which changes the brightness of your screen based on the light in your surrounding. The Auto brightness can kill your battery. Turn down brightness to a moderate level.

Auto brightness off

Go to Settings >> Display & Brightness >> Auto-Brightness >> Off.

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3. Turn Off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi: Turn off Bluetooth when when you are not using it to improve battery life.

Turn wifi bluetooth off

Go to The Settings app >>Bluetooth >> Off

WiFi offers high internet speed, however, if you are going to keep your WiFi On all the time for searching an Open hotspot will for sure kill your battery. Turn your WiFi Off when not in use.

Go to the Settings app >> Wi-Fi >> Off

4. Disable Background App Updates: Background App Updates was introduced by Apple in iOS 7 which automatically updates the apps which you use the most. This feature is good as your apps are of latest version with least effort by your side. However, this feature drains your battery.

Disable Background app refresh

Go to Settings >> General >> Background App Refresh >> Turn it off.

You can either disable “Background App Refresh” or Turn it Off for apps which are consuming much power.

5. Disable Handoff and App Suggestion: Handoff is a brilliant feature of iOS 8 which lets your Apple devices connected with each other. You can continue your work from your iPhone or iPad by moving your mail from Mac OS or vice versa without any hindrance. It is better to disable this feature when not in use to save power.

Turn off Hand off and suggested app

Go to The Settings app >> General >> Handoff & Suggested Apps >> Switch off Handoff

Suggested Apps is another feature introduced in iOS 8 which uses your location and then recommends App Store apps based on your location.

Go to the Settings App >> General >> Handoff & Suggested Apps >> Suggested Apps >> Turn both “My Apps” and “App Store” Off.

6. Turn Off Parallax Effect: Parallax Effect was introduced in iOS 7. Parallax Effect feature is an eye- candy which gives you a feeling as if the wallpaper is moving behind the apps. This feature makes many people feel dizzy and eats up your battery.

To turn off the Parallax effect – Go to the Settings >> General >> Accessibility >> Reduce Motion.

Turn off Parallax Effect

Hoping that by following the above mentioned tips you will be able to save battery life on iOS 8 devices.

If nothing works, take a backup, reset your iPhone to factory settings and reinstall iOS 8 on your iPhone or iPad.

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