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Do you want to take a print out of a particular Webpage but want to save paper and ink ? At times Webpages are cluttered with ads and banners which you don’t want to print. Wasting paper is not a good idea, you can try saving Webpage in PDF format to use later. If you are a Google Chrome user, try Google Chrome extension Print Friendly & PDF.

Print Friendly & PDF Google Chrome extension lets you print by removing unwanted ads and other unrelated stuffs before you print.

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First of all, you will be required to install Google Chrome Extension Print Friendly & PDF on your Chrome browser. The extension appears as an icon on your toolbar.

save webpage as PDF in Chrome

To convert a Webpage into PDF, click on the Print Friendly & PDF icon on your browser toolbar. A Print Friendly & PDF window will appear on your Webpage. Now, edit the content of Webpage beefore printing by removing images or by changing the text size from larger to small. You can delete by clicking on “click to delete” option.

save webpage as PDF in Chrome.1

Once done with the Customization option, click on the “PDF” button. You can create a PDF and/or e-mail the page.

save webpage as PDF in Chrome.2

You get the option to download PDF in Letter and A4 page size.

Download: Print Friendly & PDF

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