Sell Old Cell Phones For Cash


Recycling of mobile phones is a fairly new concept and more and more people are opting to sell cell phones which are old for cash.

If you as a customer want to sell cell to companies which sell old mobile phones then you will have to go to the websites of the respective companies to find the price.However,with you can compare the prices of all the companies in a matter of few moments and the user gets the best deal of their old phones.

Why to recycle cell phones:

With new mobile phones coming up users often want to buy a new handset and discard the old phone and end up in landfill sites releasing toxin.

1. Old phone parts can be used to manufacture a new one.

2. Used cell phones are refurnished and being shipped to the developing countries to be reused.

3. Refurbished phones are resold and hence it reduces the need to manufacture a new one and hence benefit our environment.

How recycling of cell phones work?

1. In the first step you will have to search for your cell phone using the search box found on the top of the page of the site.

2. In this step the price for your cell phone is compared from the top mobile buyers so that you get the best deal.You even have the option to sell your phone which is broken.

3. Choose the company to whom you want to sell your old phone click ‘Sell Now’.Now follow the instructions to mail your phone to them.

4. Your payment will be send when cell recycling company receive your phone and verified.


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