SilentEye- Hide File Into Pictures Or Sounds


Sometimes we need to hide our files and messages to protect them.Earlier i posted about Steghide UI which lets you embed data of BMP, JPG, WAV and AU.

SilentEye is another steganography tool with which you can hide messages in image and audio file and has easy-to-use GUI.

To use SilentEye download it in your computer and install it.Now to encode a message or a file add image by drag and drop or can browse and add an image or file.Click on “Encode” to encode your file or message and you get output in BMP format.

If you want to decode then decode the encoded image by dragging and dropping the image in to main window and clicking on “Decode” to get decoded file.

SilentEye is Open source tool which is compatible with Windows,Mac OS X and Linux.

Download SilentEye


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