4 Siri Alternatives For iPhone 4


Siri alternatives for iPhone 4- iPhone 4S is being a huge success as AT&T processed about 200,000 orders for iPhone 4S in just 12 hours of its launch.

iPhone 4S is similar in design to iPhone 4 but comes with Siri,Siri is a personal assistant for you.

To know more about Siri and list Siri of voice commands in iPhone 4S head over here.

However, if you are not upgrading your iPhone but want to enjoy the features of Siri in iPhone 4 or iPhone 3GS then here are some alternatives to Siri.

4 Siri alternatives for iPhone 4/iPhone 3GS

1. Dragon Dictation: Dragon dictation by Nuance Communications is free and easy to use that allows you to easily speak and instantly check your emails from your iPhone.Social network freaks can easily dictate their Facebook and Twitter status while on go.

To will have to manually upload recipient’s name and address from your address book.

2. Vlingo: Vlingo has got features which are close to Siri and it can also be integrated to your Facebook and Twitter Account.

Vlingo can search web, send emails and sms and update your Facebook and Twitter status while on Go through Voice dial.Earlier, voice SMS and Email were paid ones but now full features of Vlingo is free.If you are not upgrading to iPhone 4S then Vlino can be a good Siri alternatives for iPhone 4 users.

3. Dragon Go: Dragon Go app is also a free app by Nuance Communications and it provides you with the best site featuring for your search results and also provides you the information from other sites side-to-side to compare.

Results from Dragon Go can be shared via Twitter,Facebook and emails.

4. Google Search: Google Search uses Voice recognition which allows you to search by speaking in your iPhone.

The app uses My Location to find restaurants and movies.The app supports URL suggestions for popular sites and can access your search history.Google search is not like Siri.

The above mentioned apps are free Siri alternatives for iPhone 4/iPhone 3GS but not as Siri!

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