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There are lots of apps around energy saving and conserving the environment but the challenge is finding the really useful ones. Drip Detective tells you how much water your dripping tap is wasting each year, which is interesting but it doesn’t solve your problem. You need apps that can actually make a difference to your energy efficiency, environmental impact and save you money along the way too.
So here are five apps that can make a real difference to your life and be a bit of fun at the same time.

This app makes saving energy and thinking about the environment a game – you get points for everything you do, from using a reusable coffee cup to cycling instead of driving to work. You’re competing against all the other app users to get the most points, so there’s a constant incentive to do everything you can to save energy, recycle and live sustainably. It also makes it easy to think of new ways to change your lifestyle and reminds of the little things you could be doing to reduce your impact on the environment.
Lastly, you can link JouleBug up to your energy bills so you can actually see how much money you’re saving through reducing your energy usage with the app.

Eco Charger
Leaving your phone plugged in even after it is fully charged wastes electricity and it’s not much good for your phone’s battery either. According to the Eco Charger developers there are over 4billion phones and chargers in the world, so if large numbers of people are leaving their phones on charge for longer than necessary that’s a lot of electricity being wasted.

The Eco Charger has a pretty simple function which is to set off an alarm when your phone is charged, reminding you to unplug it and turn off the power to the socket. It’ll also give you high voltage and battery overheating notifications. Simple and effective.

Recycle Guide
Recycling can be a bit of a bore despite being really important, and it’s easy to let piles of cardboard and bottles grow into mountains in your home. So anything that makes it quick and easy to recycle is going to be a big help. That’s exactly what the Recycle Guide app does. You tell it your location and what you’ve got to recycle and it tells you exactly where and when you can get it done.
The app also gives you recycling tips and even knows what your local council are doing to help with recycling in your area.

Fuel Good
Driving is obviously one of the major activities that impacts negatively on the environment, but there is a lot that drivers can do to reduce the effect their vehicles have on global warming. You tell the Fuel Good app the type, age and engine size of your car and input the details of your journeys; the app then gives you a summary at the end of your journey showing how efficiently you are driving and offering tips to increase your fuel efficiency. Find out more here.

Green Genie
The Green Genie app is loaded with tonnes of tips and advice for saving energy and increasing your overall efficiency and environmental credentials. It provides information on loads of green projects and resources, and links you to the website for each so you can learn more and benefit from the work and ideas that they are generating.
It was listed as TechCrunch’s number 1 green app and is thought to be one of the most comprehensive apps for energy saving and environmental awareness. So it’s well worth downloading to see how much energy and money you can save through the Green Genie resources.

Saving energy is about reducing the effects of global warming and looking after the environment, but the other great side effect is that you save money by making your energy use more efficient. You can also save money on energy by ensuring that you’re getting the best deal from your energy supplier. Click here to compare energy prices in your area and find the right deal for you.


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