How To Speed Up Android Dramatically


Android is one of the most popular mobile operating system worldwide. However, if you are find that your Android has become slow and you are looking forward to speed up Android easily. Users can improve the speed of Android smartphones and tablets by following few simple tips and tweaks.

We know that Android is an Open-source mobile operating system with flexibility of addition of third-party applications. However, you can also use built-in features of Android to improve the speed of your Android device in no time.

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Users can improve the speed and performance of their Android by taking simple adjustments in “Developer options” available in most of the Android devices.

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Developer options might be hidden in some of Android devices running on Android 4.2 and others.

Enable Developer Options on Android 4.2

To enable Developer Options – Go to the settings menu and then scroll to “About phone.” Tap it and scroll down to see “Build number.”
You will have now to tap it seven times. When you have tapped for the third tap, you will get a prompt saying you are four taps away from being a developer. When you are done with the tapping seven times, you will find the developer settings.

In “Developer options” navigate to find the following below mentioned three settings:

Window animation scale

Transition animation scale

Animator animation scale

Speed up android

When you tap on each of the three settings you will find that it is set to “1x” by default. To speed up your smartphone or tablet change each of those three settings to “.5x”.


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