Disable Spotlight Search History In iOS 10 On iPhone, iPad


Spotlight Search lets you search apps, messages, movies, music and others by just swiping left from the Home Screen of your iPhone, iPad. Spotlight Search in iOS 10 can be really annoying as it keeps the recent history of things searched.

If you are someone who finds Spotlight Search in iOS 10 quite annoying, disable Spotlight Search History on iPhone, iPhone running iOS 10.

Disable Spotlight Search History On iPhone, iPad 

Launch Settings App on your iPhone.


Tap on Spotlight Search now.


Toggle the Siri Suggestions to OFF.


Once you disable “Siri Suggestions” you will not get any app suggestions in Spotlight Search. However, Siri App Suggestions will still show up on lock screen widget in iOS 10 on iPhone, iPad.

Disable/Turn Off Lock Screen Widgets In iOS 10 On iPhone

What is your say on iOS 10?  You can also disable camera access from the lock screen in iOS 10 and disable Siri from the lock screen in iOS 10 on iPhone.

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