You Can Start A Blog In 2015 – All You Need Is A Properly Equipped MacBook


Was one of your New Year’s resolutions to start a blog in 2015? If you’re new to the world of self-publishing, don’t be scared. You don’t have to be a HTML whiz in order to grab readers with your own innovative content. No matter what kind of blog or website you want to create, there are new tools for MacBook users.

Many new bloggers get started by using a free template from websites like Tumblr, Blogger and WordPress. These places make it easy to select from one of several built-in blog styles and start writing, posting links and photographs. But if you want a customized website that truly expresses your personality, head to a browser-based interface like Squarespace. This website creator allows users to design their own site with a variety of functions. Whether you want a website that functions like an online portfolio of your work (perhaps with a blogging or “news” function), a personal collection of writing with photos and video from your life or even a place to promote your upcoming wedding or event, this website manager can help.


The best way to keep all your blogging tools at hand is with a brand new MacBook. New models like the MacBook Pro have a seamless way of connecting various interfaces from iPhoto, iTunes and your internet browser, so you can instantaneously upload various media for a post. If your passion is music, you can easily post MP3s and Souncloud links, as well high-resolution photos. If you are a photographer, you will need a way to upload photos shot on your digital camera. If you are more of a writer, any blog is attention-getting with a few select photos, GIFs or illustrations to go along with it.

Any blogger needs to have access to basic tools like Photoshop, iTunes and Quicktime (if you are shooting and uploading video) that can sync to their personal website. Having all of these media channels in one place makes personal blogging easy and fun. Having a computer that can run in optimal condition helps you get your message across. If you’ve ever experienced a sticky keyboard, a screen smeared with dust and grime or a trackpad that won’t let you scroll, you know how frustrating a badly behaved laptop can be. The smartest bloggers use Macbook skins from a reputable online manufacturer to protect their computer and keep it working all day long.

These skins fit your laptop’s outer shell, keyboard and trackpad to the millimeter, protecting it from dust, dirt and liquid spills. Best of all, they also look incredibly cool, thanks to being made from high quality 3M vinyl that comes in designs like matte black leather, silver titanium and red carbon fiber. For amazing looking Macbook deals that will make you stand out in a sea of bloggers, head to the online retailer dbrand. Their products are easy to remove, wipe down and replace and will never leave a nasty looking residue. They will also last for years to come. Give your laptop a makeover so it can act like an incentive to get some high quality blogging done this year. You deserve it.

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