T-Mobile Started a Mobile War with its Early Termination Program


T-Mobile upped their efforts when the company announced a new program that deals with early termination fees. Typically, when a customer wants to end their contract, they have to pay an early termination fee that can be anywhere from $50 to hundreds of dollars. The ETF program with T-Mobile started an all-out war with this program that allows customers to break their contracts with their current phone service providers.

The Price War
In January 2014, the number two service provider began offering T-Mobile customers a $200 credit to switch to its service. T-Mobile revealed the ETF program so suddenly, some feel it was a way to respond to competitors’ campaigns against them. T-Mobile decided to get an edge on the competition by creating a program that offers a little more than a credit. The offer is valid for up to five phones or devices for each account. They will pay the early termination fees on all of your phone lines, up to $650 each! Essentially, this offer can be worth more than $3,000.

The Competitors’ Approach
There are a lot of companies that compete directly with T-Mobile. It seems to be a rivalry as old as time, since many of the top companies have offered the most similar features to their costumers. Naturally, one of the first companies to react to T-Mobile’s latest program did their best to entice costumers considering the switch. As they got word of it, some companies have presented new plans and features for their costumers. One even created an early upgrade program that allows costumers to get their phone upgrades faster.

For many customers, the switch from phone providers has to do with the options available. T-Mobile‘s devices are generally more affordable than some of the ones the competitors have to offer. To counter this, one company released a more affordable option for their all-inclusive plan. With this new level of service, customers would be given unlimited calling, texts, and up to 250MB each month for only $60.

By creating more affordable plans, these other companies hope to stop customers from going elsewhere to pay less for better options. Some feel this might be too little, too late, since none of the other companies have done anything to sweeten the deal like offering to pay the early termination fees for anyone trying to switch over. If it created a program like that, with its excellent coverage and network, it could become the top provider and beat out the competition.

The Customer’s Always Right
Some customers have been with the same phone service for 10 or more years, so the idea of ending their contract and switching can be a little overwhelming. For those nervous about it, one thing that T-Mobile has that puts them above their competition is their loyalty to their costumers

. The company took notice when customers wanted to eliminate contracts, they offered an early upgrade program for those who didn’t want to wait so long for upgrades and T-Mobile customers even have free international data roaming now.

The Simple Switch
A big part of the program is the fact that you have to give up a phone when you leave your previous service provider. This might be a hard move for many customers since phones can hold a lot of value, both for monetary and for sentimental reasons. If you want to get out of the contract but can’t stand the idea of giving up your phone, many T-Mobile stores will take any device as your trade. Some costumers have purchased less expensive phones simply to use them during the switch.

With the ETF program, you have a strong option available. T-Mobile is working to make things easier than ever for customers. You will be in good hands if you consider switching over but with the mobile war going on, all eyes are on the competition. Only time will tell who comes out on top.

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