6 Tools To Manage Virtual Team Effectively in your Organization


Whether you work from home or run a small business, you need tools to communicate to your team effectively. Email is no doubt one of the way to communicate with your virtual team, however, to improve efficiency and productivity of your team you require other tools too. Listed below are some of the best tools to connect with your virtual team in 2014.

1. Basecamp: Basecamp is one of the best tool to manage project with a virtual team. While working with a team, with Basecamp any team member can see project at a glance and start or join a conversation with team members. Team members can see how a project is going and how much work is left to be done.
You can easily assign and manage tasks to your virtual team, there is also a dedicated app for smartphones.
Use calendar to manage schedules and tasks to the team easily.


2. Yammer: Yammer is defined as the popular “social network for companies,” helping virtual teams to collaborate with each other which is similar to Facebook.

Yammer is being used by Fortune 500 companies. Team members can share documents, get expert advise on any project and update others on the status of projects. Basic subscription of Yammer starts at $8 per month.


3. Campfire: Campfire by 37signals is not new, share files and do real time chat with your team members in an easy web interface.

Campfire is here to replace your conference calls and instant messages. Send invites to your team members easily to discuss and make decisions on project.


4. Hipchat: Hipchat is used my many organizations to communicate with their team members via real-time video chat and peer to peer instant messages. Developers can share codes and files with others easily.


5. Dropbox: Dropbox is also a great tool for team members to share and access documents, photos and videos from anywhere. Organizations can start using Dropbox with 1,000 GB and get more space later as per the requirement of team, with Delta sync and LAN sync company data is updated quickly.


6. Slack: Slack is relatively new, provides team communication in one place which can be accessed from anywhere. One of its prominent feature is that it is searchable. If you are working in a team it can easily locate your past communication and files. Files, videos and documents can be integrated with Twitter, Dropbox and Google Drive.

Slack offers a lite plan for small teams while for bigger team it is $8 per month.


Which tools you use to manage virtual team effectively?

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