Top 8 Essential Tools For Online Entrepreneurs


Entrepreneurs build on ideas and are of great importance to the economy of a country. They are ready to take big risks and innovate. A budding entrepreneur should always be ready to use all the tools and available resources to increase the efficiency of his business model. The internet and smart phones and tablets can be used to enhance the effectiveness of a start up business. There are certain tools that can play a great role in the growth of a start-up; some of them are discussed below with their advantages.

1. MindMeister:
This one is a great tool for brainstorming and creating new and different ideas for a task. You can create maps for a given task or project and make notes about different things using this website. You can also add images to different ideas in your map of the task. Moreover, it allows you to share your maps with different people and even allow other people in your project to work on your map along with you.

2. Asana:
Asana is a great tool for your business as it helps you manage team tasks. Asana is of great help especially if you have got members working across time zones and all your collaboration is through the internet with no direct contact. It saves time in assigning tasks to different members and everyone can easily view the tasks assigned to them without having to look at the tasks of other people. The environment and user interface is very easy to learn and understand and different members of your team would not need to learn the tool.

3. Evernote:
Evernote is a tool that allows you to replace your burden of notebooks and notepads with your tablet or smart phone. You can use evernote to note down important things wherever you are, be it your board room or personal desk. With online evernote you can access your notes from wherever you are. The best thing about evernote is that it is available on all major tablets and operating systems.

4. is a great website for customer support. It helps you connect to your customers and show your screen to them. This is a perfect tool to show your clients different tasks that may be difficult for them to execute and implement. Clarify is another tool that help with customer support. Clarify lets you support your customers by providing them with screenshots to solve their problems.

5. Hootsuite:
Hootsuite is a tool that allows you to manage different social media accounts for your new start up. This is very helpful as social media is great for marketing especially for new companies. However, managing all the social media websites becomes a headache. This is where Hootsuite is such a great help. It allows you to share and manage content on different social media sites using just your Hootsuite account. You can also check different stats for each of your social media site using Hootsuite.

6. Teux Deux:
This is a great app to make to-do lists. These lists enable you to write all the things that you have got to do in the coming days. Using this app, you can edit different tasks that you would do in future days. You can also edit existing tasks using the app, and get it synced with the mobile version of the app.

7. performs cash flow management for you and informs you about the pattern of your money spending. You can link your bank account and credit and debit cards with your account at and it will give you detailed report about the way you are spending your money. Thus, the website allows you to manage financial transactions through your credit card, savings account, loans and investment portfolios.

8. Bollinger Bands:
For online entrepreneurs, getting instant cash can really work wonders for their start-up business. To earn quick cash, binary options trading is one option that can help you earn thousands in a short-period of time for very little investment. Bollinger Bands is one binary options trading tool that can really help you out with great indications of how you can make profit with binary options trading.

All in all, these tools can help you establish and run your online business and become a successful entrepreneur online.

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