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Cloud storage is one of the most advanced technologies introduced to the business world recently. When we refer to the term “cloud”, we essentially mean that it is a virtual place where the data is being stored. The term ‘cloud storage’ refers to the practice of saving and storing data in a specific place that is accessible from any device.

Cloud application companies come with hosting facilities for large organizations that have huge pools of data to be stored on the cloud. Depending on the needs of the clients, several facilities can be incorporated within the cloud storage system, making several software packages accessible, making privileged access of data, and so forth. As a result, resources as well as data can be made accessible throughout the cloud with the help of proper services and necessary cloud based application packages.

The most popular enterprise platform is the Google domains, where people can make the best uses of third party cloud based applications. According to Forbes, there are several very popular and efficient cloud storage systems available on Google domains. Some of the top such services include:


LinkedIn is the most popular website for business relationships and recruitments all around the world. With the advent of its cloud based technology that has been recently introduced with the help of its mobile application, the company has moved further to the future. Not only has the site become more accessible from mobile devices, but it also has enabled users to keep the data synced all the while.


Boomerang for Gmail is a fantastic addition to the service. This cloud based application is actually nothing but a plugin for Chrome or Firefox that allows users to send any mail on a later date. Along with it, the application can remind you of tasks and events that you need to accomplish.


Rapportive is a fantastic cloud based application that has been made for Gmail. The application allows users to get maximum output from the contact feature of the mail. It helps the user to see almost everything that he/she needs to know about a contact in his/her list. Not only the application is interesting, it is also very helpful when it comes down to knowing your customers better.


As a person working in the corporate/business world, it is absolutely vital that you travel as per the situation demands. If your travel plans could sync with your office schedule and help you to plan ahead about where to go during your travels, wouldn’t it be a great addition? TripIt is an application that is responsible for providing exactly that service – through your existing mail system! This cloud based application is absolutely vital for people who travel a lot.


One of the best uses of cloud storage is the feature of collaboration. Asana is a platform that allows you to collaborate with your team members over the cloud. You can share the tasks with your team, plan online, organize your tasks and always stay in sync with your teammates by using this fantastic application.

If you want to make the best use of the latest technologies that can make your life not only faster but also more efficient, you should take a good look into the cloud based application packages that are being offered. One thing cannot be denied – the advancement in computer technology certainly follows the lifestyle of the modern man who wants to have it all right here, right now.


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