Top 15 HTML 5 Games worth playing in 2014


HTML 5 games have become quite popular and have taken online gaming to a new level. HTML 5 games are rapidly catching up to replace Flash-based browser gaming. The HTML5 comes with advantages and new features for making games which includes the Canvas, Video and Audio elements.

Many HTML 5 games can also be played on your mobile devices which are specifically optimized for a mobile device. Here are some top HTML 5 games which you can play on your Web Browser such as Firefox, Chrome and others in 2014.

1. Cut the Rope:

Cut the rope

Cutthe Rope is a very addictive HTML 5 game which was created in 2010 by ZeptoLab and in 2012 it teamed up with Microsoft to release HTML 5 version of the game.

2. Bombermine:


Bomberman is is a real-time multiplayer game with loads of features and bonuses such as Jetpack, Nuclear charge and Heart. The game as various types of bombs such as Normal Bomb, Grey Bomb with others to be added in future. The game is highly addictive!

3. Save the Day:

save the day

Save the Day was created by Denki where you will have to rescue survivors hidden on a map with your helicopter before the time runs out.

4. Zirma:


Zirma is a single player, multiplayer strategy game where you build, trade, explore and fight to succeed. One of the best HTML 5 games worth playing.

5. Sinkhole:


Sinkhole uses HTML5 canvas for the graphics. The game is about the character “Tomo” who has fallen down a sinkhole and has a broken arm. You will have to guide the character “Tomo” out of the sinkhole before he runs out of batteries and some some matches.

6. Word Wars:

Word Wars

7. Lux Ahoy:

Lux Ahoy

The game involves you to shoot your opponent using a canon on your ship. To win you will have to sink the ship of your opponent.

8. World’s Biggest PAC-MAN:

Worlds Biggest PAC-MAN

The game uses HTML 5 canvas graphics like Sinkhole. It is an addictive game where you will have to usse your arrow keys to move PAC-MAN through the maze and exit when maze is complete.

9. Crystal Galaxy:

Crystal Galaxy

Crystal Galaxy is a HTML 5 space shooter game with amazing graphics and sound. You will have to use mouse to control your ship and to fire up your enemies. Collect crystals to buy Powerups.

10. Sand Trap:

Sand Trap

Sand Trap is basically a Physics Game which has been developed in HTML 5. The game involves filling the bucket with sand. The act is not that simple as it seems, there is a rotating cube maze above the bucket. The graphic is amazing, the way grain of sand moves one-by-one and falls on the bucket.

11. Bejeweled:


Bejeweled is an excellent example of ported game to HTML 5 with superb graphics. The game can be played in SD or HD graphics and effects. The game has Classic, Records and Speed versions which can be easily played in your Chrome browser. Your aim is to make lines, horizontally or vertically, of three or more matching gems. The more matches you make higher will be your score.

12. Battle Fish:

Battle Fish

Battle Fish is an easy and simple HTML 5 game to play on your Web browser. The game requires you to help fishes in the aquarium by making friends with monsters who are driving fishes out of their home.

13. Canvas Defense:

Canvas Ddefense

Canvas Defense game also uses HTML 5 Canvas for graphics. The game requires you to defend yourself using limite resources against swarm of enemies.

14. Lava Blade:

Lava Blade

Lava Blade is a tactical strategy RPG HTML5 game which has powerful weapons including swords, warhammers, shurikens. The game has three environments to explore along with dangerous demons.

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15. The Convergence:

The convergence

The convergence is a single-player game where you are required to control two characters at the same time and let them meet, the tricky part is that both the characters are moving in opposite directions.

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