Top Ramadan Apps for Smartphones


The holy month of Ramadan for Muslims will start from 28th June 2014 or 29th June 2014 all over the world. During the month of Ramadan Muslims fast from dawn to dusk, abstaining from eating, drinking, smoking and other activities. To make this Ramadan easier for you, here are some top Ramadan 2014 apps for iOS and Android. Have you downloaded beautiful Ramadan 2014 Wallpapers HD on your desktop to get into Ramadan mood?

Best Ramadan Apps whIch You Should Have On Your iOS And Android Devices

1. Resala Ramadan

Resala Ramadan

Resala Ramadan is perhaps one of the top Ramadan apps for who those who are keen to know about the basic principles to conduct fast during this month. Install the app on your device for free and find about the rules of fasting, things that are lawful and forbidden during the holy month and more.

Link – iOS and Android

2. Muslim Pro – Azan, Quran, Qibla

Muslim Pro Azan, Quran & Qibla

Muslim Pro by Bitsmedia is perhaps one of the must have apps for Ramadan. The app offers you complete features which include accurate prayer time based on your current location, calls for prayer, fasting time of Ramadan, an animated qibla compass to show you the direction to Mecca, a full audio of the Quran in MP3 which can be translated in other languages also for premium users, list of halal restaurants near you and more.

Link – iOS and Android

3. Salah 3D Pro Islam

Salah 3D Pro Islam

Want to learn how to offer Salah, appSalah 3D will make you learn easily. The app is good for adults or for kids. Learn step-by-step how to offer Salah. Ideal for reverts and beginners.

Link – iOS and Android

4. Islamic Greeting Cards

Islamic Greeting Cards

Want to send Ramadan or Eid Greetings to your friends and loved ones? The Islamic Greeting Cards app by lets you pick an Islamic greeting card and share it with the world. Share a Quran verse or Hadith using the Quran and Hadith cards.

Link – iOS and Android

5. Ramadan Dua

Ramadan Ddua

Ramadan Daily Dua app by Al-Khawarizmi is one of the be apps for Ramadan which you can install on your iOS device. The app provides you with daily dua for the blessed month of Ramadan along with dua for Iftar and Sahoor(Sehr). The app is priced less than $1.

Link – iOS

6. Ramadan Recipes

Ramadan recipes

Enjoy the month of Ramadan by preparing delicious recipes for Iftar and Sahoor which are healthy. The app is especially designed for halal recipes for muslims around the world.The app has 30 recipes taken from the East to the West. Enjoy Chinese to Mexican recipes this Ramadan.

Link – Android

Feel free to share these Top Ramadan Apps for smartphones with others to make this Ramadan productive.

Wishing everyone Happy Ramadan Kareem 🙂


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