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Traveling can be a stressful task, but by planning some things in advance, it can make for a more comfortable experience from day 1. Smartphone apps act as the perfect travel companion, and they make the journey much easier. We have already covered the best travel apps for the Android platform, and now it’s time for us to bring the best travel apps for iOS users.

All the apps can be accessed conveniently wherever there is broadband wireless internet service.

Here are the top travel apps for iOS users;

travel apps for ios

1. TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor is perhaps the most popular travel app for smartphone users. The app comes with a huge database featuring reviews that are unbiased and have been written by real people. The app now shows more data beyond reviews of guest hotels. New features have been added and now include geolocation, FlyerPower flight booking system, hotel reservation, discussion interactive forums and much more.

TripAdvisor’s iOS app is pretty light-weight and doesn’t take much space on the SD card. The user interface is quite easy to navigate. Fake reviews and spam messages are constantly kept out by the authorities. All the data of the user is stored online through the app.


2. Kayak

Kayak is also a big name in the world of travel apps for smartphones. It can be considered as a one-stop station for booking. The most convenient thing to book is a flight through this app, and the process is quite smooth compared to other apps that offer the same booking feature. Users can customize the trip to a great extent thanks to the multi-function feature of the app. The feature can be used to choose specific airports, plan for long flights, roam at a destination rather than stay at the airport for transit etc.

The booking of hotels is simple as well, and they’re displayed based on images, review ratings, price, food quality etc. The easier feature is perhaps renting of cars, and the user can enter pick and drop destinations to get the best deal possible.

3. SeatGuru

SeatGuru gives users the ability to select one of the most important things if they’re traveling by air; their seat. Travelers usually think they always have the option to choose the desired seat, but that isn’t the case with all airlines, and extra privileges may need to be paid for before this decision can be made.

SeatGuru let’s iOS users explore all seat options, and it presents a colorful guide along with an opinion on each seat. The app can also be used to find out about the aircraft, the cabin length and width, where are the routs etc. The flight number can be entered within the app. Apart from booking the seats option; SeatGuru also presents the departure status, flight schedules and more options.

4. TripIt

TripIt allows users to keep all their things in a single place. The app keeps all the travel details; hotel reservations, flight times etc. and places them at a convenient location that can be accessed at any time. The app detects reservations from above 3000 booking sites.

TripIt also has social sharing options, so family and friends can be updated anytime on the user’s current location. The pro version of the app sends the user useful alerts and can be used for finding cheap flight times etc.

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