How To Turn Android Into iPhone 4S


iPhone 4s is simply awesome and is a rage since its launch.However, if you are are Android user and want to turn Android to iPhone 4S then you can do that by downloading few apps to your Android Phone.

iPhone 4S was launched a Media Event in Cupertino which has features such as 8 MP camera,,iOS 5, A5 processor along with improved battery.

iPhone 4S has Siri, which is like a personal assistant which enables you to place phone calls, dictate mails and much more.

Go through the video to know more about Siri.

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List Of Siri Voice Commands In iPhone 4S

How to turn Android to iPhone 4S

4 Apps worth installing that can turn your Android into iPhone 4S.

1. Whatsapp Messenger: iPhone 4S has iMessage just like Blackberry Messenger which enables iPhone users to send instant messages,photos, videos or group messages to others using iOS 5 enabled devices over Wifi or 3G.

WhatsApp Messenger for Android is the best alternative to iMessage where users can send or receive messages,videos or photos for free for the first year.After one year you will be required to pay a small fee of $1.99/year.It also has support for group chats. To install this app you require Android 2.1 and above.

2. Speaktoit Assistant: Speaktoit Assistant is said to be one of the best alternative of Siri for Android users.It can answer questions, find required information for you, launch apps and can also connect to sites like Facebook, Google,Twitter.The assistant uses voices powered by iSpeech.To use the assistant in your Android you will just have to type in your language or speak.Users can also change the appearance of the assistant.Vlingo for Android is also a good alternative of Siri.

3. Google Maps: Apple released Find My Friend a social networking app for iOS 5 enabled device along with iCloud which lets you to easily locate friends and family and to find out the location of friends who are near you for free.You will have to manually approve friends with whom you want to share your location.

Google Maps for Android lets you to find and locate your friends on Google Maps with free voice-guided GPS navigation system.

4. Postagram: Apple released Cards app for iOS users only recently which lets them to create and post personalized crafted cards by choosing from 21 designs for friends.

Postagram for Android lets users to print and ship photos to friends and family as real postcards.The photo postcards can be delivered anywhere in just 99 cents printed on photo postcards at 300dpi resolution.You can also add 140-character message along with the photo.

By installing these apps in your Android you cannot replace iPhone 4S, but they are worth!

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