Turn iPhone Into Stealth Monitor With AutoAnswer Cydia Tweak


AutoAnswer Cydia tweak lets your iPhone to Auto- answer FaceTime and phone calls of the numbers which you specify.

If you are missing the feature of Auto-answer calls in your iPhone then this tweak is a must for you.You can select the phone numbers which you want to auto-answer and your iPhone will answer the incoming call from those numbers automatically after the specified time interval or immediately.

Other features includes baby-watching over FaceTime, auto-answering specific numbers while driving, while using your phone with a bluetooth headset, instant response to specific calls, untattented video conference (leave an iPhone in some place and call it via FaceTime, keep a constant connection etc) and the stealth mode which is an option that you can turn on/off.

Users have the option to hide the app by going to “Settings” of iPhone.

One of the another interesting feature is stealth mode which lets you to hide the incoming call and it does not show that your phone is active nor it will show in your call history.The particular feature is beneficial for use for remote surveillance.

AutoAnswer Cydia tweak can be purchased from BigBoss repo for $1.99.


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