6 Ways To Tweet More Than 140 Characters in Twitter


Twitter is one of the most powerful and influential social network with millions of active users monthly. However, one of the most frustrating thing about Twitter is the limit of 140 characters per tweet. At times it becomes tough to express your message in 140 characters.

Listed below are few ways to tweet more than 140 characters in Twitter every time easily.

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How To Tweet More Than 140 Characters In Twitter

1. Long-Tweets: Long-Tweets is one of the best site to tweet longer tweets of more than 140 characters. You will have to sign in using your Twitter Account and your long tweets will be transformed into image and published on Twitter.


2. Tall Tweets: Tall Tweets has been created by Amit Agarwal of Digital inspiration.

Tall Tweets slices and publishes your long tweets into smaller chunks of 140 characters. It can also publish your tweet as an image. Sign in to Tall Tweets using your Twitter Account.

Tall Tweets

3. Twishort: Twishort provides longer tweets to Twitter to allow its users to tweet in more than 140 characters. When you write a long tweet, Twishort shortens the tweet into required size limit and the tweet is posted on Twitter as a link. Users will have to follow the link to read the text.


4. Tweet Compressor: Tweet Compressor shortens your tweets by replacing groups of two or three letters with a single character using unicode which looks the same. The tweet gets compressed automatically, you can send your tweets directly from there.


5. JumboTweet: Jumbo Tweet lets you to write as much text as you want, your extended tweet will be shown as link in the tweet. Your tweets will also show up Jumbo Tweet Feed.


6. TwitLonger: TwitLonger is another website which lets you to tweet longer tweets. Login to Twitter Account and start posting longer tweets using TwitLonger.

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There are many browser extensions also available in FireFox and Google Chrome which lets you to tweet more than 140 characters in Twitter. If you are a Google Chrome users you can try Long Tweet Splitter.

Do share about other services which lets you to tweet more than 140 characters in Twitter!


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