Two-Step Authentication For iPhone In iOS 10.3- Complete Guide


Apple has made your iOS device more secure by adding Two-step authentication method, someone who knows your Apple ID password will not be able to login to your Account. As per Two-Factor Authentication requires if you are trying to log in from an untrusted device first time you will be required to provide your password the six-digit verification code. Let us go through the guide to set up two-factor authentication on for iPhone, iPad running iOS 10.3.2.

Two-Factor Authentication For iPhone 7/7 Plus, 6s/6s Plus And iPhone 6 In iOS 10.3.2

How To Set Up Two-Factor Authentication For iPhone

Launch Settings App on iPhone.

Select your Name and tap on Password & Security.

two factor authentication

Tap Turn on Two-Factor Authentication.

turn on two factor authentication


Tap Continue.



tap to continue

Enter your trusted phone number now.

enter phone number


The trusted phone number will receive a verification code via phone call or a text message.

Enter the verification code on your iPhone to turn on two-factor authentication.

How To Turn Off Two-Factor Authentication For iPhone

If you find two-factor authentication for iPhone troublesome, turn it off. Let us go through the guide to turn off two-factor authentication for iPhone.

Launch any browser on your computer and go to

Log in to your Apple ID Account.

log in to apple id


You will get a prompt to enter the verification code which you have received on your phone.

enter verification code


Simultaneously you will also receive a pop-up on your iPhone saying, “ Apple ID Sign In Requested”. Click on Allow. 

Apple ID sign in requested


iPhone will show you Apple ID verification code, enter Apple ID Verification Code and click on “OK”.

enter apple id verification code



Go to the Security section, click Edit.

Tap to turn off two-factor authentication.

turn off two factor authentication


You will be now prompted to complete security questions.

complete security questions


You will get a prompt saying that two-step verification for your Apple ID is off.


2-step authentication is turned off


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