16 Amazing Typography Apps


Typography plays a great role in Graphic Designing. If you are a Typography lover and enjoy playing with fonts to improve your skills, here are some of the best Typography apps for iOS and Android.

1. A Beautiful Mess:


A Beautiful Mess is a cool Typography app for iOS and Android which lets you to spark up your photo by choosing your desired font and adding custom filters and borders.

2. Fontroid:


Fontroid app for Android lets you to draw your own font with your device any where and share your work work with others. Fontroid is touted as world’s first social font service that creates best handwriting font with everyone. The best part is that the app is available for a free download.

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3. AnyFont:

any font

AnyFont is available for iPhone and iPad and is of great use for showing presentation in iPad which they have created in desktop. It lets you to install any additional font which are in format of TrueTypeFont- (.ttf), OpenTypeFont- (.otf) or TrueType Collection- (.ttc) on iPhone or iPad.

4. PicLab:


PicLab is available for iOS and Android. It lets you to easily add typography to our photos while offering various fonts, shapes, color, size and much more. Make your photos appealing by adding multiple-text layers.

5. Typography Live Wallpaper:


Typography Live Wallpaper has built in Adobe Kuler and lets you to create your own wallpapers for your Android devices.

6. Fonts:


Fonts app is available for free for your iPhone and iPad. The app is useful for developers as it enables them to see how different fonts will look in their application.

7. Helvetica vs. Arial:

Helvetica vs. Arial

Helvetica vs. Arial is an interesting app for iOS devices which tests and teaches designers about the typographic details of Helvetica vs. Arial.

8. Over:


Over lets you to add text to your images easily on your iPhone. The lets you to edit your images, install own fonts and share your images with others.

9. TypeDrawing


A fun Typography app developed by Hansol Huh. You will have to type some text, choose a font and then paint with your finger on screen. The app lets you to adjust your finger-paint, add spacing, colors, import photos to draw and much more.

10. Path On:

Path On

Path app for iOS devices lets you to add any text to your photos. To use the app, draw the path with your finger and the text will flow in the path. The app has a collection of near about 300 fonts to choose from.

11. Fontest:


Fontest app for Android lets you to preview the look of your favorite fonts on Android. It has six high quality free fonts.

12. WhatTheFont:


Want to know which font is used in a particular advertisement or a packaging? Take a snap and use WhatTheFont to find the font used!

13. Typography Insight for iPad:

Typography Insight iPad

A must have app for Typography student and designers. The app has introduced a new way of learning and teaching typefaces in an interactive form. The app lets you inspect the details of different typefaces and also find how to measure typefaces.

14. Photolettering:


The app is available for a free download for iOS devices. The app lets you to create, edit and share images using fonts from renowned type foundry House Industries.

15. SWipe:


Swipe for iOS devices lets you to add beautiful typography to your photos by simply swiping. You have the option to select from 100 fonts and adjust text settings like size, color, transparency. Share your images or re-edit as many times as you want.




    Typography for iPhone is a cool app which lets you to send messages to your friends using random set of letters from your Flickr Account.

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