Use iPhone As An External Keyboard For iPad


If you want to easily type in your iPad then you may like to use external keyboard.

If you own iPhone / iPod Touch then you can transform it as an External Keyboard for your iPad without jailbreak simply by an app known as “External Keyboard”.

The app External Keyboard enables users to use iPhone or iPod Touch as a keyboard for iPad via bluetooth or WiFi.The app supports languages such as Greek, Arabic apart from English.

However, to use this app you will have to open it on your iPad as well as iPhone or iPod Touch at the same time.The app works as web browser for iPad where you can type text wirelessly.If you want to compose email the app will paste your text into a new email and then you will have to use your iPad to add details of email address of recipients.

It might not be worth solution for using iPhone as an external keyboard for iPad but we know that iOS 5 beta enables users to split keyboard into two parts so that they are able to type in a comfortable way,but it is not open to public.

External Keyboard is priced at $0.99 in iTunes store.

Download External keyboard for iPhone


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