8 Valentine’s Day Gifts for the Special Geek in your Life


Traditionally on Valentine’ Day roses, flowers and gifts are exchanged between lovers and couples enjoy romantic candle-lit dinners. If you have a geek boyfriend or geek girlfriend you can find some geeky gifts like Aroma USB drive, Nyan Cat Valentine Heart Pop Tart Necklace, Geek Poem Love T-Shirt and more.

1. Aroma USB: Aroma USB is a ready to wear “scent drive” which diffuses a fragrance when used by someone. These Aroma USB flash drives are available in a collection of more than 100 designs to suit your mood. You can find these USB flash drives in Luxury line, crystals by Swarovski and other exotic materials. Shipping of the Aroma USB drive is available in almost all countries. You can purchase this Aroma USB drive from Scent drive.

2. Nyan Cat Valentine Heart Pop Tart Necklace: Gift this beautiful Nyan Cat Valentine Heart Pop Tart Necklace hand-made of polymer clay on Valentine’s Day. It is priced at $18.00 and can be shipped across the globe from US. Buy the necklace from etsy.com.

Nyan Cat Valentine Heart Pop Tart Necklace

3. Geek Love Poem T-shirt: Gift this heavyweight, preshrunk cotton T-Shirt with a poem printed on the front in white, blue and red. This T-Shirt is priced at $15.99 and can be purchased from Amazon.

Geek Love Poem T-shirt

4. Pixel Heart Heat Changing Mug: When a hot beverage is poured in the mug the heart will turn red. Pixel Heart Mug is priced at $11.99.

Pixel Heart Mug

5. Apple Necklace-Rainbow brilliance-Geeky jewelry: Buy this gorgeous Apple inspired Apple Necklace-Rainbow brilliance-Geeky jewelry. The necklace is priced at $20 from etsy.

Apple Inspired Necklace

6. A Girl’s Guide to Dating a Geek: A Girl’s Guide to Dating a Geek by Omi M. Inouye will help girl who is dating a geek to learn how to “Get What You Want” and “How to Exercise Your Geek.” The Paperback is priced at $13.46 and is available for a purchase from Amazon.

A Girl's Guide to Dating a Geek

7. 8-Bit Hair Bow: Suitable for any hair style, clip your hair back with stylish 8-Bit Hair Bow. It is priced at $9.99. Purchase this stylish 8-Bit Hair Bow.

8-Bit Hair Bow

8. Geeky computer motherboard jewelry: Geeky computer motherboard jewelry are made from pieces of circuit board purple color. The earrings is priced at $18 from etsy.

Computer motherboard earrings

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what will be your Valentine’s Day gift for the geek in your life?


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