5 Websites to Spark Up your Twitter Account


The day our Twitter account is created we all want to attract lots of followers. And there is nothing wrong with it, we spend maximum time online and to promote our blog or promote products we need to have lots of followers. To have lots of followers we must tweet useful stuff and of course have an attractive Twitter profile.

Creating a Twitter Cover yourself is time-consuming and because of a busy schedule, I always prefer to try productive tools online which saves my time and provide perfect results. It goes same with Twitter Cover. Here I am listing 5 such cool websites which will allow you to make your Twitter Cover attractive.

Make Attractive Twitter Covers With These Websites

websites for Twitter Covers

1. Twitrcovers:

Let’s start with the easiest and quick online tool to change your twitter background. Twitrcovers provides you lots of attractive twitter background. You can select one which suits your profile and click on that image. With just one click Twitrcovers will change your Twitter cover, background or both. Quick, cool and easy.


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2. TwitterGallery:

Twitter Gallery is having a large database of Twitter backgrounds and you can search them easily with different listed categories. But If you want to go for the customized Twitter background then you need to pay for it. Thus Twitter Gallery is for those who don’t believe in getting creative and prefer to use templates for their Twitter profile.


3. FreeTwitterDesinger:

FreeTwitterDesigner is a bit different than above ones because it not only provides you different designs but also gives you different options to personalize your Twitter backgrounds that too for free. You can add images, text, shapes and edit them too. Its fun and attractive way to create Twitter backgrounds.


4. Twitrbackgrounds:

Twitrbackgrounds allows you to create backgrounds for not only Twitter but for Facebook and YouTube also. You can either go for templates or you can personalize Twitter backgrounds by adding your photos and that too quickly.


5. TwitterStyles:

TwitterStyles gives a wide range of colorful background templates. You can add them to your Twitter account and if you are not satisfied with a color combination of template then you can change the color of links, background, sidebar, text etc. according to your wish.


Above are few websites to spark up your boring Twitter account. There are lots more available websites which provide you templates for your Twitter background but few of them which I tried were not worth using, either they were too slow or hardly provide required results. Thus, I tried and listed above free websites to change your Twitter background. Play with above websites and let us know, how you make a creative and attract Twitter Background.



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