What are Newel Posts?


For those that are unfamiliar with the correct terminology, a Newel Posts is the large supporting member that occurs intermittently throughout a railing system. They provide the greatest structural support of the balustrade at the beginning and continuing intermittently in long spans or corners. There are two basic types of Newel Post, Turned and Box. Turned Newel Posts are solid wood that are turned on a lathe to create the many detailed profiles available. Box Newel Posts on the other hand are hollow wood boxes in varying sizes that include a variety of adornments such as recessed panels, moldings, inlays and and finials. Box Newels have been the largest and most prominent feature of virtually any stair in which they have been used for hundreds of years. They are structurally strong and visually bold and are available in unlimited design possibilities. Recently a reversion to a former embellishment has been revived with enthusiasm. WoodStairs.com’s Hidden Box Post option has garnered great support in both the new residential and remodeling industry.

The concept itself is simple, the basic construction of any box post, creates a void within the post’s interior that typically goes unused. With a little reverse engineering WoodStairs has been able to utilize that space by adding a secret compartment and removable “lid” that is completely invisible to anyone without direct knowledge of its existence. There are no visible fasteners, hinges or latches and the box post itself looks no different than any other. In fact, people often add the Hidden Box to only one of their posts, usually the closest to the door, while the others remain unaltered. This is the closest thing you can get to 007 in an architectural feature virtually devoid of any obvious technology. They are probably most often used, uninventive, as a place to hide pocket change and keys, but I prefer to think of them as more clandestine, concealing passports, cash and a Walther PPK.
This is even more possible, if not likely, with the addition of the Secret Within the Secret Box. In this version there is an additional removable box with a false bottom, under which the real valuables can be concealed. Even more than the hidden compartment book, this feature is almost unknown to all but a select few so hidden in plain sight takes on a whole new meaning. No one ever even considers the possibility that the Newel Post is anything more than just a post.

So, whether you just want a permanent place to put your keys, cash and wallet, out of sight and where they won’t disappear, or if you have a little more exciting use for this feature, check out our Hidden Box and Secret Within options. They are a relatively inexpensive addition to any of our Box Newels and are a valuable addition to anyone’s home, Mr. Bond not the least.

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