What Do College Students Think About Online Privacy & Security


How secure are our college students while browsing online? Although many parents think their collegiate is taking all the precautions necessary to protect their data while they surf the internet, our latest survey tells a far different and decidedly scarier story. We polled over 1,200 students at a total of 523 US and UK colleges and universities combined to find out how they felt about security and privacy, and what we found may surprise you.

For example, only 41 percent of the students said they used a password locker to protect their passwords and other sensitive information. However, there is hope, because some of the results reveal that our young scholars understand they need to protect themselves online, so, if you know a student who needs some guidance in this area, share our infographic with them, “What Do College Students Think About Online Privacy & Security.” You can also talk about the importance of taking additional steps, like using Hotspot Shield VPN; a free download that can help them safeguard their security and privacy on the internet, too.

What Do College Students Think About Online Privacy & Security [Infographic] by Hotspotshield

What are your views on Online Privacy and security?

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