2014 Accessories Most Likely to Survive in the New Year


Another year is drawing to a close, which means another four long seasons of fashion have come and gone. This year has been full of audacious choices on runways and sidewalks alike, as more and more women and men dare to impress with bold accessories. Still, another year brings another beginning to a year’s worth of fashion, which means many of the past year’s styles will quickly become obsolete. But, before you throw out your closet to start fresh for 2015, here are the accessories you should probably keep around.

1. Fitness Tech

This past year was definitely the year of fitness fashion, as all types of workout clothes — from tennis shoes to yoga pants to sports bras — could be spotted far outside gyms and fitness centers. With this exercise revolution came a dramatic rise in popularity of wearable fitness tech, including heart rate monitors, pedometers, and other activity trackers. This tech helps people gather information on the level of exercise they’re getting during the course of a regular day, which improves understanding of the body’s requirements for nutrition and activity. Throughout 2014, activity trackers in particular exploded as manufacturers increased the number of features as well as improved the bracelets’ aesthetic design. Because the general population will only continue to improve upon their health and wellness, we suspect fitness tech will stick around in 2015.


2. E-Cigarettes
The increasingly popular e-cigarette is gaining traction with new and old smokers alike. These clever devices deliver nicotine through smokeless vapor, and though research has yet to confirm or deny any health effects, most smokers claim drastically increased feelings of well-being after making the switch from tobacco cigarettes. E-cigs are completely customizable, which means vapers can get the exact amount of nicotine they want, with the perfect temperature and amount of vapor. Plus, e-liquid comes in myriad flavors, from fruit punch to caramel macchiato, and e-cigs come in a plethora of sizes and styles, so you can perfectly match any look.

3. Purses Big and Small

Purses are a woman’s best friend, for they hold all the items we need to survive a single day. It’s obvious that carrying a purse will never go out of fashion, but the purse itself will change its look every season or year. In 2014, the most important attribute to a purse was its size. Designers promoted large bags and tiny clutches, but little in between. This trend is likely to continue in the upcoming year. Huge purses are ideal for everyday use, as they hold everything from lipstick to gym clothes, while clutches are perfect for social events, when you need only keep track of your ID and compact. The medium-sized purse is becoming increasingly outdated, as women either feel the need to carry more or less.

4. Hats, Hats, Hats

2014 was the year of hats. In the past, hats were profoundly misunderstood, with only the elderly or tragically unfashionable donning the head accessory. However, over the course of the previous year, beanies, caps, fascinators, wide brims, and more accompanied fancy and casual outfits alike through all four seasons. Designers and their devotees finally began to understand the advantages of hats, including its ability to tie an outfit together, from head to toe. While we can’t guarantee headwear will stick around in the New Year, most practical fashion practitioners are hoping they do. Your best bet to continue the hat trend is to add to your collection with new colors, styles, and textures.

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5. Smartphone Accessories

No one can argue that the smartphone is a permanent fixture in modern life, but those with a keen eye for fashion are more interested in the staying power of accessories that accompany smartphones. Most people adorn their devices with designer cases, top-of-the-line headphones, and more to make them mesh with a chosen look. Not all smartphone accessories will remain popular in the New Year — think dangles, key chains, styluses, and the like — but a handful of gadgets will only increase in usage in 2015, such as sound systems, camera add-ons, keyboard mods, and others.
Fashion is more than fickle, but that doesn’t mean one needs to start anew every year. Take inventory of your accessories and ditch the styles that haven’t stuck, and your New Year celebrations won’t be weighed down with outdated trends.

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