The Best PS4 Packages Which You Can Buy In 2017


The PS4 is one of the best selling systems today and it is a pricey gaming system because of its popularity. But when you shop and buy the bundle package deals, you can save a bit on the gaming system, a few accessories and you can also get some of your favorite games in the package deal as well.

So when shopping for your new PS4 gaming system, these are a few of the top bundles you can find online today.

Best PlayStation 4(PS4) Packages Available Today

best ps4 packages


Slim Uncharted 4

You get the 500 GB system and Nathan Drake’s final adventure game in the bundle. You pay a discounted price for the game with this package deal. The console also comes with a gaming controller when you purchase this bundle package. Depending on whether you buy on, or directly through a gaming supply shop, the price you will pay for the system and game bundle will vary.

PS4 Call of Duty

For those who are a fan of the COD gaming series, this slim bundle is the one you are going to want to invest in when purchasing your new system. You receive the 500 GB gaming system, the Call of Duty game, as well as a remastered version of the very popular game. Of course, a controller is also included, and a subscription to the online service gaming platform is available for a discounted price with this bundle package as well. A great deal for those who love the original, and want the remastered version of the popular game.

Uncharted 4 Limited Edition

In this bundle you get the 500 GB gaming system, a copy of Uncharted 4, the gaming controller, as well as a limited edition silk screen printed artwork. As opposed to the basic controller, you will receive a game shock controller for the system, so you can fully immerse yourself into the game, the action, and enjoy the game in the manner it was meant to be played.

Uncharted 4 & Skyrim

For those who want even more savings, you receive 2 games in this bundle package. Alongside your PS4 500 GB system, you will receive the Uncharted 4 game, a dual shock remote, and two more games (Skyrim and Fallout 4). Of course the price is a bit higher than the Uncharted bundle, but you do receive a dual shock remote, as well as an additional game, so the actual price savings you will receive are going to be much greater if you want to own the top games, and pay a lower price for these games.

The PS4 system is one of the hottest selling systems, and if you are planning on investing in one, you might as well consider the savings which are out there by bundling when you purchase the system. For those who are ready to make the purchase, and want to own some of the hottest and best-selling games for the system as well, these are a few of the options you have to choose from when the time comes to choose your bundle package deal. If you would like to find a few retailers which offer PS4 packages then I would recommend visiting They can provide you with some information.

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