How to Convert and Download mp3 From YouTube for Free


We have all heard of YouTube and the amazing, varied options it offers to people around the world to express their unique points of view and share their creations with anyone who might be interested in them. This platform has seen a lot of improvements over the years and the great ideas just keep on coming.

One such idea, implemented by a bunch of pragmatic, goal oriented people, is going the extra mile and converting YouTube videos into mp3 files so that they can be taken anywhere and accessed with ease, even without being connected to the internet.


But how can such a task be accomplished in a fast, intuitive manner? Let’s exemplify the process by using a great internet tool that doesn’t need download or installation and is very easy to use in only a few steps.

Convert YouTube Videos to mp3 Online

1. First thing’s first. You should have one or several videos in mind for converting. Choosing one is a fairly easy process: just go to and search for your favorites directly, or browse the collection until you find one that appeals to your tastes.


2. Once you have opened the video you are planning to convert in your internet browser, take a look at the top of the window, at the address bar where the URL is located. Select and copy the link and let’s head to step number 3.

3. Now we have to visit the website of the tool you are planning to use to do all the work. Let’s take YTmp3 for example. Go to, where you’ll see a search box right on the homepage. This box has the text Insert Video Link… written in it. Can you guess what we have to do next?
4. Paste the previously copied link into the search box and hit the Convert to MP3 button right bellow it. You will instantly see a loading bar appear.


5. As soon as the loading bar loads to 100%, the link is will no longer be visible as it will be replaced with a red Download button. To get your mp3, simply press this button or press Enter on your keyboard, and voila! The file landed safely onto your device and it is now ready to be added to any playlist of your choosing.


6. (Optional) With YTmp3, you also get an additional feature: being able to see a list of recently converted videos from the latest site visitors. This is a good idea to browse if you are running out of inspiration and would like to get some fresh ideas and inspiration. And since they have already been inserted into the website, you no longer have to go through the first steps of the conversion process.


There You Have It: From YouTube to mp3 In a Flash

As you can see, it doesn’t take much skill or technical know-how at all to convert YouTube videos to audio files online. It doesn’t even require installation. All you really have to know is how to copy and paste, which is a basic skill everyone can handle. And with such an elementary skill you are now free to make playlists and listen to the without the constraints of an unstable internet connection, anywhere you might be. Enjoy your new super-power and download responsibly!

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