10 Free Sites for Creating Your Own Comics


Gone are the days when to make comics or strips you were required to be a good artist or someone who has the ability to draw. In today’s scenario, anyone can create comics with the help of online comic creating tools which requires no special talent.

In this article, you can find 10 awesome online comic creator tools that will help you to create comic strips which are funny, artistic and more as per your choice and requirement. Go ahead and create your own comics for free easily.

Create Your Own Comics For Free Online Easily

1. Create Your Own Comic By Marvel

Marvel Comics lets you to create own comic strip or comic book by drag and drop. You can use different characters, scenes, objects, dialogue and sound effects create your own comic. Save your work, once done.


2. Pixton

Pixton is one of the best ways to create comics by using real comic layout. Choose from predefined layout or templates, upload your own pictures, move characters, add text and speech to characters and share your creativity with friends, family, and colleagues. Create comics for fun, schools or business.


3. ToonDoo

ToonDoo is one of the fastest ways to create comics in few clicks by drag and drop. Add your own characters or choose from predefined templates and characters, upload characters and paint objects freely. Purchase quality printable images from the ToonDoo Shop.


4. Strip Generator

Strip Generator does not offer many options to unleash your creativity. The site has existing characters and templates to choose from. To create your comic you will have to pick a frame of your choice and drag characters and objects into it.


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5. Bitstrips

With Bitstrips you can design your own cartoon. Add a new hairstyle, change skin or hair color, change the outfit and more. You can also install Bitstrips app on your smartphone.


6. Make Beliefs Comix

Make Beliefs Comix is another user-friendly site to create comic online. kids can create their own comic strips by selecting from existing characters, dialogue boxes, background colors and more. Make Beliefs Comix does not store your comix, hence print your comix before you share with others.


7. Chogger

Chogger is a free comic strip creation site where you can draw your own characters, import photos and take pictures from webcam and add to your work. You also have the option of turning any web page into a comic with Chog It Bookmarklet. Interesting isn’t it!


8. Write Comics

Write Comics is another cool site which lets you create comics stories online without creating a user Account. Creating comic is easy, select a background from the menu, choose your characters, add dialogue box and done.


9. Witty Comics

Witty Comics as the name is for those who look for humor in comics. The site has some existing scenes and you are required to add some interesting commentary. It is ideal for those who those writers who want to do story telling by using images.

witty comics

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10. Read Write Think

Read Write Think is a cool site which lets you create comics online. Give a name to your character, select from one of the existing templates for your comic strip, add or change the background, add text and more. You can also take print out of your work.


Are you aware of any other site to create comics online? Have your say!

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